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 DELP Staff directory (autumn 2017):


The telephone extensions can be reached from the switchboard: (36-1) 485 5200


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Head of Department: Károly Krisztina Dsc, professor / egyetemi tanár


Deputy Head of Department responsible for general affairs and teaching staff: Lázár Ildikó PhD, lect./adj.


Deputy Head of Department responsible for student affairs and studies: Szabó Éva PhD, lect./adj.


Department Secretary: Hanzséros Mária, office: 301  tel. extension: 4407, direct line: 4604407 

                                            email: hanzseros.maria[at]btk.elte.hu


Full-time core staff members:

The explanation of the abbreviations can be found at the bottom of the page.


NB.: In order to avoid having to wait too long, it is always a good idea to make an appointment in advance with the teacher you want to see.


NAME, rank email office tel.ext.

office hours

Asbóth László a. lect./tdsm. laci51211[at]yahoo.com 405 4398 by appointment
Dávid Gergely PhD, habil a. prof./doc. davidgergely[at]t-online.hu 412 4361 Mon 3:30-4.30
Gall, Cecilia r. lect./lekt. gall.cecilia[at]yahoo.com 406 4399 Wed 12:30-1:30
Halápi Magdolna PhD, lect./adj. halapimagdi[at]hotmail.com 403 4396 Mon 2-3
Hoffmann, Dorothy r. lect./lekt. dorid2003[at]yahoo.com 409 4200  
Holló Dorottya PhD, habil. a. prof./doc. hollo.dorottya[at]btk.elte.hu 406 4399 Tue 2:30-3:30 by appointment
Jungmayer, Louis PhD, r. lect./lekt. psychedeliccowboys[at]yahoo.com 409 4200 Mon 2-3
Károly Krisztina Dsc, prof/egy. t. karoly.krisztina[at]btk.elte.hu 408 4424 Thu 11:45-12:45 by appointment
Kimmel Magdolna PhD, lect./adj. magdimann[at]yahoo.com 405 4398 Thu 12-1
Király Zsolt PhD, habil. a. prof./doc. kiraly.zsolt[at]btk.elte.hu 407 4371 Mon 11-12
Lázár Ildikó PhD, lect./adj. ildiko.lazar[at]gmail.com 401 4394 Tue 9:15-10 & 1:30-2:15 by appointment
Major Éva PhD, a. prof./doc. majore[at]caesar.elte.hu 403

4396 or


Tue 12:30-1:30
Medgyes Péter DSc, prof/egy. t. pmedgy[at]gmail.com 408 4424 by appointment
Pohl, Uwe a. prof./doc. uwe.pohl[at]gmail.com 402 4395 Thu 10:15-11:45
Price Beatrix temp. lect. / mb.ea. pricebeatrix[at]gmail•com 401 4394 Mon 12-1 by appointment
Révész Judit PhD, lect./adj. revesz.judit[at]btk.elte.hu 404 4397 Mon 1:30-2:30 by appointment
Ryan, Christopher r. lect./lekt. ryan.christopher[at]btk.elte.hu 410 4201 Tuesday 10-12 by appointment
Saltmarsh, Phil r. lect./lekt. philip.saltmarsh[at]btk.elte.hu 402 4395  
Szabó Éva PhD, lect./adj. szab.eva[at]gmail.com 401 4394 Thu 2:15-3:15 by appointment
Szabó Helga  l.tchr/ny.tan szabohelga[at]t-online.hu 404 4397 Wed 5-6 by appointment
Szesztay Margit PhD, lect./adj. margit.szesztay[at]gmail.com 409 4200 Tue 10-11 by appointment
Thurmer, Andrea r. lect./lekt. andatelte[at]gmail.com 412 4361 Tue 10-11 or by appointment
Trebits Anna PhD, a. lect./tsg. a.trebits[at]yahoo.com 412 4361 on leave
Veljanovszki Dávid PhD, lect./adj. veljanovszki[at]gmail.com 410 4201 Tue 12:30-1:30 by appointment

Temporary lecturers:

Berke Ildikó temp. lect. / mb.ea. berkeildi[at]yahoo.com 401 4394  
Divéki Rita temp. lect. / mb.ea. divekirita[at]gmail.com 401 4394 Thu 2-3 by appointment
Nagy Ildikó temp. lect. / mb.ea. nagyfido[at]t-online.hu 403 4396  
Nagyné Nyikes Natália temp. lect. / mb.ea.       by appointment




a.lect./tdsm -   assistant lecturer / tudományos segédmunkatárs

a.lect / tsg -  assistant lecturer / tanársegéd

a.prof./doc. - associate professor / docens

lect./adj  -     lecturer / adjunktus

l.tchr/ny.tan - language teacher / nyelvtanár

prof/egy.t. - professor / egyetemi tanár

r. lect/lekt. -  resident lecturer / lektor

t.a./gyak -     teaching assistant / gyakornok

temp.lect./mb.ea  -  temporary lecturer / megbízott előadó


DSc - Doctor of Sciences (of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) / A tudományok doktora (MTA)

dr.univ. - university doctorate / egyetemi doktor

Ph. D. -  Doctor of Philosophy

habil.   - habilitation / habilitáció (qualification for being admitted as a full professor)







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