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 DELP Staff directory (spring 2019):


The telephone extensions can be reached from the switchboard: (36-1) 485 5200


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Head of Department: Károly Krisztina Dsc, professor / egyetemi tanár


Deputy Head of Department responsible for general affairs and teaching staff: Lázár Ildikó PhD, lect./adj.


Deputy Head of Department responsible for student affairs and studies: Szabó Éva PhD, lect./adj.


Department Secretary: Hanzséros Mária, office: 301  tel. extension: 4407, direct line: 4604407 

                                            email: hanzseros.maria[at]btk.elte.hu


Full-time core staff members:

The explanation of the abbreviations can be found at the bottom of the page.


PLEASE NOTE: For time management purposes it is essential to make an appointment in advance with the teacher you want to see.


NAME, rank email office tel.ext.

office hours

Asbóth László a. lect./tdsm. laci51211[at]yahoo.com 405 4398  by appointment
Dávid Gergely PhD, habil a. prof./doc. davidgergely[at]t-online.hu 412 4361  Thu 14:00-15:15 by appointment
Gall, Cecilia r. lect./lekt. gall.cecilia[at]yahoo.com 406 4399  Wed 12:30-13:30 by appointment
Halápi Magdolna PhD, lect./adj. halapimagdi[at]hotmail.com 403 4396  Wed 14:00-15:00 by appointment
Hoffmann, Dorothy r. lect./lekt. dorid2003[at]yahoo.com 409 4200  Tues 10-11 by appointment
Holló Dorottya PhD, habil. a. prof./doc. hollo.dorottya[at]btk.elte.hu 406 4399 Tue 14:15-15:15 by appointment
Károly Krisztina Dsc, prof/egy. t. karoly.krisztina[at]btk.elte.hu 407 4371 Thu 12:00-13:00 by appointment
Kimmel Magdolna PhD, lect./adj. magdimann[at]yahoo.com 405 4398  Tue 12:30-13:30 by appointment
Király Zsolt PhD, habil. a. prof./doc. kiraly.zsolt.dr[at]gmail.com 408 4424  Thu 13:00-13:30 by appointment
Lázár Ildikó PhD, lect./adj. ildiko.lazar[at]gmail.com 401 4394  Tue 11:00-12:00 by appointment
Major Éva PhD, a. prof./doc. majore[at]caesar.elte.hu 403

4396 or


 Thu 14:00-15:00 by appointment
Medgyes Péter DSc, prof/egy. t. pmedgy[at]gmail.com 408 4424  by appointment
Pohl, Uwe PhD, a. prof./doc. uwe.pohl[at]gmail.com 402 4395  Tue 10:30-11:30 by appointment
Prescott, Frank PhD, lect./adj. prescottfrank[at]gmail.com 402 4395  Tue 12:00- 1:00 by appointment
Price Beatrix temp. lect. / mb.ea. pricebeatrix[at]gmail•com 401 4394  Wed 10:15-11:45 by appointment
Révész Judit PhD, lect./adj. revesz.judit[at]btk.elte.hu 404 4397  Mon 12:30-1:30 by appointment
Ryan, Christopher r. lect./lekt. ryan.christopher[at]btk.elte.hu 410 4201  Tue 10-12 by appointment
Salanki, Julian r. lect./lekt. salanki 2112[at]gmail.com 409 4200  Thu 3:30-4:30 by appointment
Soto, Amy r. lect./lekt. amynsoto4323[at]gmail.com 405 4398  Wed 12:00-13:30 by appointment
Szabó Éva PhD, lect./adj. szab.eva[at]gmail.com 401 4394  Thu 4-5 by appointment
Szabó Helga  l.tchr/ny.tan szhelga1[at]gmail.com 404 4397  Mon 17:00-18:00 by appointment
Szesztay Margit PhD, lect./adj. margit.szesztay[at]gmail.com 409 4200  Thu 13:00-14:00 by appointment
Thurmer, Andrea r. lect./lekt. andatelte[at]gmail.com 412 4361  Wed 3-4 by appointment
Trebits Anna PhD, a. lect./tsg. a.trebits[at]yahoo.com 412 4361  on leave
Veljanovszki Dávid PhD, lect./adj. veljanovszki[at]gmail.com 410 4201  Tue 12:30-13:30 by appointment

Temporary lecturers:

Ádámku Szabina temp. lect. / mb.ea. szabina.adamku[at]gmail.com     by appointment
Berke Ildikó temp. lect. / mb.ea. berkeildi[at]yahoo.com 401 4394 by appointment
Csorba Eszter Zsuzsanna susan.csorba[at]gmail.com 361   by appointment
Divéki Rita temp. lect. / mb.ea. divekirita[at]gmail.com 401 4394 Wed 10:15-11:15 by appointment
Fábián Annamária temp. lect. / mb.ea. fabiannamaria[at]gmail.com 346 4393 by appointment
Hajeer Ahmad temp. lect. / mb.ea. ahmadhajeer791991[at]gmail.com     by appointment
Nagy Ildikó temp. lect. / mb.ea. nagyfido[at]t-online.hu 403 4396 by appointment
Pereszlényi Anna temp. lect. / mb.ea. an.pereszlenyi[at]gmail.com 401 4394 by appointment




a.lect./tdsm -   assistant lecturer / tudományos segédmunkatárs

a.lect / tsg -  assistant lecturer / tanársegéd

a.prof./doc. - associate professor / docens

lect./adj  -     lecturer / adjunktus

l.tchr/ny.tan - language teacher / nyelvtanár

prof/egy.t. - professor / egyetemi tanár

r. lect/lekt. -  resident lecturer / lektor

t.a./gyak -     teaching assistant / gyakornok

temp.lect./mb.ea  -  temporary lecturer / megbízott előadó


DSc - Doctor of Sciences (of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) / A tudományok doktora (MTA)

dr.univ. - university doctorate / egyetemi doktor

Ph. D. -  Doctor of Philosophy

habil.   - habilitation / habilitáció (qualification for being admitted as a full professor)







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