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 MA in English

(Diszciplináris MA)


These pages provide information on

MA courses offered by DELP, and

Graduation procedures for those who submit their MA thesis in Culture, Language and Communication Studies or Australian Studies




Courses offered by DELP


DELP's involvement in the MA programme in English is three-fold:


We offer a compulsory course in 

the introductory term and


elective courses in the

British Culture and History specialisation track as well as the

Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures specialisation track


Below you can find a list of course types that we provide. For the particular courses each term, check out the SEAS Course Catalogue and Neptun.



In the introductory term we offer a compulsory course:

Intercultural Communication Studies - Concepts, Theories and Research  This is a 30-hr/semester (1x 90 mins/week) lecture course with an exam at the end.


Please note that this exam can be taken as part of the course. However, in terms when the course is not provided (typically in the spring), it is advertised as an "exam course" (vizsgakurzus), which means that students who had taken the course and the exam earlier but failed can take the exam again.

N.B.: this opportunity is NOT open to those who had not taken the course before.




In the British Culture and History specialisation track we offer six groups of 60-hr/semester (2x 90 mins/week) seminars, each comprising a variety of courses. It is from among these that the actual classes will be selected and advertised:


Culture and Communication - Intercultural communication; Learning cultures; The role of culture in learning and communication; Developing intercultural competence as English language professionals; Communication in ESP; Intercultural Business Communication;


Intercultural Studies: Exploring Culture - Aspects and dimensions of intercultural communication; Understanding national cultures; Culture learning and acculturation; Language, communication and culture; Cross-cultural communication; Discourse analysis; Intercultural communicative competence;


Culture and Civilisation - American social issues; American cultural practices; Australian culture and society; English speaking cultures; British and American pop culture of the 60's; Irish-English relations;


Culture in Language and Literature - Children's Literature and the Construction of Children's Culture; Popular Culture; Travelogues, utopias and distopias: cultural encounters through travelling; British poetry written during the First World War by both combatants and civilians;

The Construction of Culture - The World According to Commercial TV; The World According to the International Political Press; Cultures in Contact - as reflected in the articles of The Budapest Sun; The Culture of Schooling and School Cultures in the English Speaking World; Gender and Cultural Practice; Gender, Identity and Citizenship


Research Methods in Culture and Language Analysis - Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Discourse analysis, Ethnography, questionnaire and interview studies, etc.



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In the Postcolonial literatures and cultures specialisation track the Australian Studies Programme, hosted by DELP, offers four groups of 60-hr/semester (2x90 mins/week) seminars, each comprising a variety of courses. It is from among these that the actual classes will be selected and advertised:


Australian Literature - Introduction to 19th century Australian Literature; Introduction to 20th century Australian Literature; The Australian novel; Australian short stories; Australian poetry; Australian drama; Contemporary Australian literature; Australian women writers; Australian multicultural literature; Australian Aboriginal literature; Writing Sydney; Bad Girls in Australian Literature; Travelling Australia: Film Fiction and Travel Writing; The Novels of Patrick White; Violence in Australia: Fiction and Film, etc.


Australian Culture and Civilisation - Australian film; Multiculturalism in Australia; Australian Culture; Arts in Australia; Culture and Society; Crime and Violence in Australia; Australia in the media, etc.


Australian History and Politics - Introduction to Australian history; Australian history and politics; Australian Aboriginal history; Important Figures in Australia's Past; Current Issues in Australia, etc.


Language Culture and Society in Australia - Australian English; Colloquial Australian English; Language and Culture; Language use and social issues in Australia, etc.





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Graduation procedures for those who submit their MA thesis in Culture, Language and Communication Studies or Australian Studies


Graduation consists of completing the required coursework, writing and submitting a thesis and taking a final examination. In this section information can be found on the two latter.




For general information on thesis requirements in the MA in English programme, see:


Specific information and requirements set by DELP can be found here:

Thesis information and requirements in Culture, Language and Communication Studies

Thesis information and requirements in Australian Studies


Topics offered for supervision by DELP staff can be found on the Staff details page.


Final exam:


For general information on the final examination, see:



The exam topics in Culture, Language and Communication Studies can be found here:



The exam topics in Australian Studies can be found here:







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