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 English Teacher Training



One of DELP's most important areas is English Teacher Training. We are currently involved in the 5 and 6-year MA Double Major Teacher Training Programme popularly known as OTAK after the acronym of the Hungarian term: Osztatlan tanárképzés. and the outgoing MA in ELT. This page gives an overview of the curricula of these programmes and provides links to general information on teacher training.


Information regarding programme components provided by DELP




Teacher training at ELTE is coordinated by the Teacher Training Centre (Tanárképző Központ). Information is available on their website in Hungarian for both prospective and enrolled students. (Felvételizőknek, Hallgatóknak).


Information about the English component of the entrance exam can be found here.

The curricula of the different programmes in English Teacher Training (OTAK)  can be found on the website of the Faculty of Humanities, at: for students starting their studies in or before 2021, and  for students starting their studies in 2022.


The curricula for the short cycle programmes are accessible from: for students starting their studies in or before 2021, and for students starting their studies in 2022.










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