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We are hereby inviting you to our fourth

Trainee Day

event of the academic year

17.15, Wednesday 26th April,

Zsibongó, 4th Floor, Rákóczi 5

Student teacher led games.

In the first slot Csíky Anna, mentor, teacher and trainer trainer, senior executive at International House, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious private language schools in Hungary, is going to give us a workshop on Work-life balance as a teacher.

We are also happy to welcome Lindner Zsuzsi, former president of IATEFL Hungary and EL teacher at Szabó Lőrinc Dual Language School, who will give us a workshop on Homework that works.

The cooler at the end once again will be conducted by one of our student teachers.

You’re also asked to bring something to drink and nibble if you can, (but please join us even if you can’t).  

    If you have any questions please contact revesz.judit@btk.elte.hu.





We are proud to let the SEAS community know that after spending a year as vice-president, Margit Szesztay of DELP



has just started her two-year service as PRESIDENT of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Languge), one of the world's largest and most thriving communities of ELT teachers around the world over 4000 members. (April, 2017)


Congratulations, Margit!





Following the threat to the future of the Central European University (CEU), staff at the School of English and American Studies issued a declaration in support of CEU and academic freedom. To read the text in both English and Hungarian, and to see the the names of those who signed it, please go to:













Dear Students,


We are collecting presents for 94 Roma children aged 3-15 who live in Gilvánfa, a Roma village in the south of Hungary. The idea is that we fill a shoe box for each child. A shoe box full of presents is obviously not going to solve the social problems of these children and their families. The aim of the project is two-fold:


1.     We would like to express our solidarity for the people who work with these children. They help them finish school and get some qualifications against all the odds. They work a lot and get very little recognition from the outside world.

2.     We would like to make a friendly gesture towards these children and their families.


Therefore, if you would like to contribute to the project, and have

·          good quality clothes (but not underwear!),

·          stationary,

·          non-perishable food,

·          toys,

·          books,

·          shower gel, or other items of personal hygiene, etc,


Please turn to  revesz.judit@btk.elte.hu, or one of your DELP  tutors.

Procedure:  You or your group will be allocated some children’s names with their ages. You bring shoe boxes, fill them, close the boxes and write the child’s full name and age on top. Deadline 22nd April.


The links below contain information about the village and pictures from previous visits. http://www.szmca.hu/gilvanfa.html, https://picasaweb.google.com/106716647325921529299/Gilvanfa2014Junius30?authkey=Gv1sRgCJy_samfoaH6Fg&feat=directlink



The boxes are delivered to Gilvánfa on Saturday, 20th of May. Anybody can join the trip as long as they register until 22nd. We get lunch in the school canteen and the travelling is free. 


Révész Judit






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