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 Notice Board

 For students doing the Final exam in English Language Teaching

at SEAS (or at PPK) in the coming exam period



We would like  to inform you that the Methodology part of all the different final exam types will be based on these topics: http://delp.elte.hu/MAinELTfinalexam.htm






current DELP deadlines are in red for spring 2020




Who to turn to for the coordinator's (szakfelelős) signature at DELP

Submission deadline of the Official Thesis Proposal form  (Címbejelentő / Szakdolgozati témabejelentő)

 at the Registrar (TH)

Thesis submission deadline at the Registrar (TH)


Two weeks before TH deadline

(March 6, 2020)

Proposal to be signed by the supervisor and coordinator (szakfelelős) or deputy at DELP

Uwe Pohl


March 16

(semester before thesis submission)




April 15, 2020

MA in English (Culture)

Two weeks before TH deadline

(March 6, 2020)

Send proposal to:


Holló Dorottya


March 16

(semester before thesis submission)




April 15, 2020


Two weeks before TH deadline

(May 8, 2020)*

Statement of Intent (Proposal)  to be signed by the supervisor and coordinator (szakfelelős) or deputy at DELP

Major Éva

May 15

(semester before thesis submission)




April 20, 2020


Two weeks before TH deadline

(March 6, 2020)

Statement of Intent (Proposal)  to be signed by the supervisor 

Szesztay Margit

March 16

(a year before submission of thesis!)




April 29, 2020

*Please note that our internal deadline is aligned with the deadlines of other theses administered by DELP in order to distribute supervision evenly among colleagues. 


Further sites to check deadlines:

The Faculty of Humanities' website at

 https://btk.elte.hu/th - In Hungarian; Download the file "Hasznos tudnivalók (Határidős jegyzék)....

https://www.btk.elte.hu/en/content/useful-information.t.3443?m=252 - In English (This is less detailed than the Hungarian version.)


The Teacher Training Centre's website at  http://tkk.elte.hu/category/hallgatoknak/



- Statement of Intent for MA in ELT theses

- Statement of Intent for OTAK theses

- The Official Thesis Proposal Form for MA in ELT Theses can be downloaded from:


- The Official Thesis Proposal Form for OTAK Theses can be accessed from:   




OTAK students handing in their thesis in the Spring of 2021 need to hand in the following:

A ’Szakdolgozati Témabejelentő Lap’ in 3 copies. This needs to be signed by the supervisor and by Szesztay Margit  as ’szakfelelős’.  2 copies go to the TO  (Hegyi Zsófia, groundfloor Room 14.), 1 copy stays with Szesztay Margit. (So have three copies for signing.)

You can get your forms signed by Szesztay Margit in Room 409. She will be available for signing the forms in the following time slots:

4 March (Wednesday) 16.00-17.00 p.m.
9 March (Monday) 15.00-16.00 p.m.
11 March (Wednesday) 9.00-10.00 a.m.
12 March (Thursday) 15.30-16.15


If you are planning to submit a thesis in English in the Spring of 2021, you need to:

1 Think of a topic – possible topics and find a supervisor. If your thesis is directly teaching related, look for a supervisor from DELP or DEAL. If it’s more closely related to literature or language study, look for a supervisor from DES, DAS, or DELG. If your thesis is not directly teaching related, it still needs to include a chapter that discusses teaching aspects and implications.  

2 If your supervisor is from DELP or DEAL, you will need to hand in a Thesis Proposal to your supervisor by 6 March.

3 You need to hand in ’Szakdolgozati Témabejenető Lap’ in 3 copies. This needs to be signed by the supervisor, and by Szesztay Margit as ’szakfelelős’. 2 copies go to Hegyi Zsófia at the TO (Building A, Room 14), and one copy stays with Szesztay Margit at  DELP. You can get the three copies signed and stamped in Rákóczi 5. Room 409 at the following days and times (4 March 16.00-17.00, 9 March 15.00-16.00, 11 March 9.00 – 10.00, 12 March 15.30 – 16.15) http://tkk.elte.hu/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Szakdolgozati-t%C3%A9mabejelento-osztatlan-tan%C3%A1rk%C3%A9pz%C3%A9s_2.v..pdf

4 If you have problems finding a supervisor at DELP, you can write to Szesztay Margit and she can let you know who is still available.

5 For more information about the thesis and for the thesis proposal form go to  http://seaswiki.elte.hu/studies/MA/OTAK . 





BA thesis writers, Uwe Pohl will be available to sign and stamp BA cimbejelenő documents at the following times in office 402:


2 March (Monday) 10.00-12.00
3 March (Tuesday) 10.30-13.30.00
4 March (Wednesday) 10.00-12.00
9 March (Monday) 10.00-12.00
10 March (Tuesday) 10.30 - 13.30 


You also need to give a completed Statement of Intent to your supervisor by 6 March.



MA in English (Culture Track) proposals will be signed by Dorottya Holló in office 406

on  Tuesdays, 3 and 10 March  14:15 - 15:15 - by appointment


on Thursday, 5 March  13:30 - 14:10 - by appointment

Please send your proposal to hollo.dorottya@btk.elte.hu before requesting the signature.





Help with (O)TDK:

We are happy to announce that the University’s Talent Nurturing Council is launching preparatory courses for students considering joining a student research group (TDK) and entering departmental, faculty-level and/or national academic contests (OTDK) by submitting their research/theoretical papers. The courses are offered in Hungarian in four areas:
• library research
• poster design
• presentation making and public speaking techniques
• composing essays, research papers and journal articles

You can register for these courses at: TDK képzések jelentkezés
Further information on the courses is available at:





SEAS statements on professional and public issues


Following various threats to academic freedom and professionalism, SEAS staff and the leadership of SEAS have issued a number of statements. These can be read at:  












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