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Self-access Study Centre


Did you know SEAS does not start on the third floor?

The School of English and American Studies (SEAS) has one room

on the first floor to offer learning material,

Internet connection, and a cozy, welcoming

place to prepare for classes.


Operated  by DELP, the Self-access Study Centre offers facilities for independent studies. You can prepare for classes using

-language practice materials

-reference books

-videos, tape-recorders

-computers, the Internet


The centre is located in Room 142 in the R5 building.


Opening hours   

Until futher notice the Centre is open as follows:

Mon: 10.00-15.00

Tue:  10.00-16.00

Wed: 10.00-15.00

Thu:  15.15-17.00

Fri:    Closed


When you first visit the Centre, please collect your Membership card at the librarian’s desk.

The Centre has been set up for study purposes,  so please:

-do not bring any food & drink into the room

- work quietly

- treat all the facilities with care

- do not remove any materials unathorized

- leave the tables and shelves in order


We look forward  to seeing you in the Centre and wish you all the best for your studies.









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