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Social Events:

Social Awareness Raising Initiatives


The Gilvánfa Shoe Box Project 2019


On one sunny spring morning, the Könyvtár Klub was strangely silent. There was no coffee or students scurrying off to class. Just a small collection of teachers, students, and community members shuffling back and forth between the R building and a van loading shoe boxes of all shapes and sizes. Leaving behind Budapest, our small group set off to Gilvánfa for a new lesson. After a few hours on the highway, our vans turned down smaller, winding country roads. Eventually, we stopped in the small village of Gilvánfa. We were greeted warmly by our hosts and welcomed into a small building which served as the center of the community. In the interior sanctuary, the walls were lined with trees. Not just any trees, but family trees showing the history of a village through the people who lived there. Our hosts then explained to us the background of the village and the history of their work there. Through the development of a school and other programs the townspeople have access to new educational and work opportunities. After this brief history, we took a walking tour of the town and visited a few families in their modest homes. It was remarkable to witness how proud the parents were to talk about their children’s schooling and how supportive they were of it. Our trip to Gilvánfa was to encourage these children and celebrate the educational success with them. It was also a trip to learn about a different way of life far from the big city of Budapest. After our tour of town and house visits, we were treated to a wonderful lunch (with the best hand-made bread I have ever eaten in my life). Then, the family day activities began. Families with children of all ages gathered for games, rides, and food. The peak of the day was when it was time to hand out the presents to the children. They lined up, smiling from ear to ear, eager to see what surprises were inside their boxes. Watching community members call out the name of each child and hand-deliver a present to them is a moment I will never forget. Despite our different backgrounds, we were all open to try to understand a different way of life and work together for the common good. As we slowly prepared to leave, children ran up to say their last goodbyes. It was touching to see how some remembered members of our group from last year and were already looking forward to seeing the group again next year. As I walked out of the building, one boy ran up to give me a hug and one pink paper rose. It will be a reminder of my first trip to a rural town in Hungary, learning about this special village of Gilvánfa, and a smile that needed no translation.

                Thank you to everyone who generously donated gifts for us to bring to the children of Gilvánfa. Thank you as well to all who took part in this special trip with us. We look forward to seeing how these children grow and learn throughout the years. If you would like to participate in the future, join us!









The Gilvánfa Shoe Box Project 2018


News from Gilvánfa

We went to Gilvánfa with the shoeboxes on Satruday, 9th June. In fact this year we had more than enough boxes thanks to your generosity. When we got there we talked to the teachers and social workers, visited families and did a storytelling session with the younger children.

The project has taken its first step towards world fame: following the link below you can read an article that came out in Dunántúli Napló. https://www.bama.hu/kozelet/helyi-kozelet/meset-adtak-elo-a-hatranyos-helyzetu-gyermekeknek-1385067/

Studying is the latest craze in Gilvánfa: the children demanded that a mathematics summer camp be organised for them so that they get admitted to secondary education. The explanation is simple: there is a young man in Gilvánfa, who, upon doing his matura exam and graduating as a welder found a very good job. He bashfully admitted to earning a salary of 350.000 Ft after tax. It would be great if the present shortage of labour in Hungary could suck in these people and provide them with opportunities.

The Foundation has also won some money as part of the Settlement programme for the second time, so they can build new houses for the young families.

Thank you for your contributions, you’ll hear from me in the spring term.



 And this is an account of the event by one of our students:

What every teacher-to-be should experience

This was the first time I participated in the Shoe Box Project in which students from ELTE could donate to students from Gilvánfa. When we arrived in this little village our second station was the Tanoda which is famous for its achievements among Roma students. As the heads and employees of the institute were presenting their ongoing project (family history research) with high enthusiasm and were praising their students for their persistent work and accomplishments I started to realize how many extra hours, long nights and how much hard work they have been dedicating to helping these children and their families.

Sometimes even young teachers are too impatient while waiting for the results of their hard work or even afraid of burnout at the early stages of their teaching practice. These people have been doing their job for years under the pressure of instability due to financial reasons, and yet they learnt that real long-lasting changes take their time and it is worth persevering. They showed me a way to help people achieve their goals through education, and last but not least, they proved the importance and beauty of being a teacher.

Szabó Beatrix Xénia


The Gilvánfa Shoe Box Project 2017


Dear all,

Thanks to your generous contributions this year again we managed to give personalised presents to 94 Roma children in Gilvánfa.

We delivered the boxes on Friday, 19th May. When we arrived, we were greeted by Ambrus László, the head of the Tanoda in Gilvánfa. There was a Roma day at the school in Magyarmecske, the neighbouring village where the children from Gilvánfa go to school. We joined the activities there which ranged from creating a traditional furnace out of clay through building a tent to singing songs in Boyashi (Beás) language; and the students in our company initiated a football match. We also visited and admired the new gym hall.

Three years ago we visited the village with Children and teachers from Apáczai. The delegation included the school head, Munkácsy László. Since then Apáczai students and 14 kids from Gilvánfa have got involved in an online mentoring programme. The locals were very enthusiastic about the project and were proud of their tablets donated by Telenor.

This year we took a little puppet theatre with us and presented a tale to the children in the kindergarten  about a little pig who didn’t like his curly tail. The performance was in English with Kata, Dénes, Viktor and Búnó in the main roles. Special thanks to Fülöp Mónika and the entire 2017 spring Young Learner course for preparing the folding screen, the puppets and other props!

Finally we visited the Catholic church where Heindl Péter, lawyer, historian and teacher, told us the story of the local history investigation he had done with the children and the results of which are exhibited in the church building. You can check out some photos at:

Below you’ll find Mona Kata’s, one of the teacher training students, personal account of the event:

One Day in Gilvánfa

For me, it was an amazing experience to visit Gilvánfa, a tiny little Roma village near the Southern border of the country, to meet the children living there, to experience their openness toward each other and toward strangers like us. Although the time we could spend there was enough only for getting a first insight into the life of the community, it was a day spent in a very friendly and humane atmosphere.

It was nice to see their school in the neighbouring town, in Magyarmecske. This year more than one hundred children are attending school. It was clearly visible that all the financial support they get is utilized in an efficient way.

I was glad that in the end all the shoeboxes have been filled, I hope when the children open them they will have a similar feeling to the one that probably all of you had while preparing them. I’m happy to have been able to participate in the programme. I would like to encourage everyone to visit the village. In a community like this everyone will surely be welcomed.  - Mona Kata


The story goes on; please look out for the appeal for boxes next year from March 2018 onwards.


Révész Judit



The Gilvánfa Shoe Box Project v2.0

DELP staff and students first collected presents for children in Gilvánfa in 2013. (See below.) We did a second round of collecting in the spring term of 2016. The project was organised by Judit Révész, who reports:

A party of 12 people went to Gilvánfa on Saturday, 7th May. We delivered all the 88 boxes which many of you had helped put together. Except for the parcels they get from the social workers at Christmas, often these are the only presents the children ever get. Thank you!!!!


As you will see in the pictures, we visited the new houses built by the villagers out of self made sun-dried bricks, they cooked for us and baked bread; we went to see the community vegatable garden where they grow vegetables for the whole village and distribute the harvest among the villagers; we visited the local history exhibition in the Catholic church and the Tanoda. The Tanoda (remedial afternoon school) opened there in 2008 and since then the number of young people who have finished secondary school has doubled. Playing with the kids, talking to the teachers and volunteers there and seeing their commitment was a very uplifting experience.


Please check the link below for this year's (spring 2016) Gilvánfa pictures, courtesy of Pálóczy Péter, MA in ELT student. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2rmeP8yGKficWVQUTJrUXpucDg&usp=sharing_eid&ts=572fb483





Collecting Books for the Dr. Ámbédkár School in Sajókaza


Hoping to contribute to motivating young people to read, we collected books for the Dr. Ámbédkár School in Sajókaza (Borsod County) in the spring of 2014. The school caters for the very special needs of Romany students in a disadvantaged area. They use personalised approaches in teaching and are committed to creating opportunities for the students to break out of their segregated and deprived environment through education and personal development.  

Below is a picture of some of the books being packed. The coloured strips are messages from our students to Sajókaza students about reading. These were laminated and then cut up to become bookmarks.

STOP PRESS: A short video of the handing over can be accessed from:

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The Gilvánfa Shoe Box Project

As part of DELP's continuing social awareness raising initiative we organised a "shoe box" project in the spring term of 2013 to collect personalised presents for all the children living in Gilvánfa (Baranya County).

The village is one of the poorest in the country, still they have various programmes to help improve their own situation: There are only Roma people living in Gilvánfa, most of whom are unemployed. The mayor purchased a tractor for the village which they use to collect firewood and cultivate the land. There are glass houses in the garden of the mayor’s office where they grow vegetables and distribute them. They also purchase or apply for seeds and people grow vegetables in their gardens. It also proved very practical to refurbish houses together. The Gilvánfa council pays for children to travel to school. Thus there are more children going to secondary school in the village than in most other similar villages. A local community centre (http://www.szmca.hu/gilvanfa.html) organizes motivating and practical activities.

Révész Judit of DELP co-ordinated the project, where staff and students filled 93 boxes with toys, books, gadgets and sweets for the children. Each box was compiled for a particular child. In many cases, the project was integrated into the teaching programme of the course, and this way provided an opportunity to discuss issues related to social responsibility.

Judit delivered the boxes to Gilvánfa, and they were then distributed to the children.


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Christmas Parties


SEAS Christmas Party 12th December 2019

Our Christmas Party, 12th December, was once again a delightful event with the Delp Yelpers, Uwe Pohl and Christopher Ryan singing the Coventry Carol, communal carol singing and another hilarious Twelve days of Christmas interpretation conducted by Rachel Appleby.

There were a lot of home made goodies and mulled wine (thanks to HÖK!). We collected money for Szama Da Noj Egyesület in Gilvánfa. They are trying to buy a minibus for the village so that people can commute to work. The final sum is 40.235 Ft.

Thank you everybody for joining us, contributing, and Happy holidays!

Judit Révész

on behalf of the organisers






SEAS Christmas Party 11th December 2018

The Christmas party - organised by Judit Révész - was a splendid event with a lot of fun games and singing. Special thanks to

Frank Prescott and his students who brought us a Christmas poem;

Uwe Pohl and Christopher Ryan who sang the Coventry Carol for us;

the student representative body who served some fine mulled wine;

the teachers of the foundation year courses who brought a lot of their students with them;

last but not least, to all the students who brought delicious cakes for the charity bake sale.

The event was well attended by students and DELP staff, and we were happy to see the School represented by Illés Éva and Kenyeres János, as well as DAS by prof. Frank Tibor.

We usually use these events for raising funds for a worthy cause. This year we collected a record amount of HUF 26.500 Ft and  EUR 11 to be transferred to the account of the charity organization who are collecting money for a mother and her two sons in great need in the village of Gilvánfa.



SEAS Christmas Party 8th December 2016

This year’s traditional party began with a snow ball fight until Veljanovszki  Dávid arrived, which allowed the DELP YELPERS to make an official start by singing In Dulci Jubilo.

Kovács Krisztina, head of the Disability Office of ELTE, talked to us about their activities and sang ‘Christmas is coming’, which, in England, is originally sung to encourage people to make donations on Boxing Day or in other words, ‘to put a penny in the old man’s hat’. This was the introduction to the charity project of the evening, and this time the mulled wine provided by HÖK was also included in it, alongside home-made cakes, Stollen, fruit salad and many more goodies.

One of the highlights of the evening was Hollós Dávid’s clarinet performance of a contemporary Croatian piece which was a variation on Jingle Bells. The party also featured Prof. Géza Kállay, who impersonated, among others, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Mahalia Jackson and, finally, Donald Trump visiting ELTE SEAS on one his first trips abroad. The audience was mesmerized and there were several rounds of applause. Not surprisingly, one party classic - Rachel Appleby’s Twelve Days action song - was demanded by the audience, many of whom had joined us for the 6th time!

This time the communal singing was splendid and our impromptu Silent Night performance following Uwe’s heart-warming story about the “old man’s hat” created an exceptional moment as you can see in the video Asbóth Laci has uploaded for us.


We raised 26.240 HUF and 5 Zl at the event which was delivered to the Disability Office and was very well received. They have already purchased presents for one of the students in their charge who comes from financially disadvantaged family and has a chronic brain tumour.

We would like to thank all of you for your contribution! See you next year!

The DELP Yelpers





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The 2015 SEAS Xmas party was a very heart-warming, uplifting event organised by Judit Révész, Margit Szesztay, Rachel Appelby and Uwe Pohl of DELP, and featuring the DELP Yelpers and Géza Kállay (DES) with extremely funny and convincing impersonation of Alfred Hitchckock, Sándor Weöres, Laurence Olivier, Zoltán Latinovits, Leonard Cohen and others.


On behalf of DELP we would like to thank all SEAS members, teachers and students alike, for the splendid Christmas celebration you  helped create. The mood ranged from the hilarious through the thought provoking to the deeply touching. There was a plethora of homemade goodies and a lot of mulled wine, courtesy of the Student Body Board.


We collected 26.295Ft plus 2 Euros for the Equal Opportunities Committee of the faculty.


Merry Christmas!


Photos of the event can be seen at:

(Courtesy of Asbóth Laci, Edvi Adrienn, Lázár Ildikó and Christopher Ryan)


Here are a few tasters:




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The 2013 Xmas party was a great success with carol singing, raffle, bake sale, laughter and merriment as the pictures testify.

The DELP YELPERS sang, as did the students:

The proceeds from the bake sale and the raffle (HUF 30000) went to the Equal Opportunities Committee of the faculty to benefit students as they see fit.

The performers and the audience had a great time:


 And someone took a picture of our colleague and 'resident photographer', Laci Asbóth, his daughter, and fellow teacher, Judit Révész:

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We had a very nice 2012 Christmas celebration with Hungarian and international students, staff and guests. There was a lot of merriment with snacks, carolling, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" sung and acted out, an auction (the proceeds went to the Faculty’s Equal Opportunities Committee to serve the interest of special needs students) – in short: a very good time for all those present.

In charge of the camera: Laci Asbóth




"We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

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We had a great time at our 2010 Xmas Party. Take a look at the photos at:
http://s374.photobucket.com/albums/oo184/laci111/DELP Christmas December 2010/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

Here is a taster:



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   In-house Celebrations & Events 

September, 2019: Starting the term with notable birthdays:


Károly Krisztina and Révész Judit





Celebrating  Halápi Magdi





February, 2019




Notable Birthdays at DELP


Many Happy Returns Éva, Helga and Gergő!


                                                                                      November, 2018





In September 2018 at the end of the Staff Development Days to start off the autumn term, we took a short walk in the neighbourhood to see some outstanding pieces of architecture near our campus. We walked by  Rákóczi út 5. – Pannónia Szálló; Bródy S. 8. – House of Representatives; Bródy S. 14. – Degenfeld-Schomburg Palace;  Gróf Festetics Palace (Andrássy University); Pollack M. 10. – Gróf Károlyi Alajos Palace; Ötpacsirta 2. – Almássy Palace; Revicky 2 – Pálffy Palace;  Szabó E. tér 1 – Wenckheim Palace (Szabó Ervin Library);   Revicky 5 – Bánffy Palace; Revicky 7 – Bánffy Apartments; Mikszáth tér;  Szentkirályi 28 – PPKE Faculty of Law; Bródy S. 16 – Törley Palace; Bródy S. 5-7 - The old building of the Hungarian Radio.

To learn about the history of the buildings, we took it in turns to talk about them.











End-of-year winding down in Trefort Kert 



        June 2018



Many happy returns, Magdi!



October, 2017



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Celebrating Péter Medgyes


PÉTER 70? - That's impossible!  Many happy returns!


DELP - in fact SEAS - and IATEFL-Hungary, together with friends and colleagues filling the Pázmány auditorium in Gólyavár to capacity celebrated Péter Medgyes' 70th birthday on 9 October just before the 25th IATEFL Conference. The DELP YELPERS and the audience sang, Faculty of Humanities Dean László Borhy, Krisztina Károly - also speaking for head of school, János Kenyeres -, Ádám Nádasdy, Jill Hadfield and Alan Maley greeted Péter and also revived funny stories much to the amusement of the audience. A surprise volume compiled for Péter for the occasion - Inspirations in Foreign Language Teaching: Studies in Language Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics in Honour of Péter Medgyes  (edited by Dorottya Holló and Krisztina Károly, with contributions by: Jenő Bárdos, Kata Csizér, Pál Heltai, Éva Illés, Robert B. Kaplan, Zsolt Király, Tamás Kiss, Ildikó Lázár, Éva Major, Angi Malderez, Adrienn Menyhárt, Marianne Nikolov, Ruth Petzold, Judit Révész, Trevor Shanklin, Gábor Szabó, Gyula Tankó,  and published by Pearson) - was also presented. The event was closed with a song by David Hill, and the well wishers congratulating Péter. Here are some photos taken by Laci Asbóth and Ildikó Lázár:






more pictures by Laci Asbóth can be found at:



a photo album by Géza Lőrincze is accessible here: mp70.owl.hu (If you go down the page you can even turn on the music.)


and Mark Andrews made a little video that can be viewed here:



And here are Alan Maley's:


Clerihews for Peter Medgyes’ 70th Birthday


Peter Medgyes

frequently alleges

that lots of fun and laughter

are good for us – now and hereafter.


Medgyes Peter

gets better and better –

He was pretty good before,

now he’s upping his score.


Peter Medgyes

has no rough edges –

he’s as smooth as a pebble

but still a bit of a rebel…


For Peter, ‘Laughing Matters’.

Who cares if it flatters?

When he said ELF was trendy

he didn’t mean to offend ye.


Peter Medgyes should have known better

when he wrote in the IATEFL newsletter

that ELF was somewhat trendy –

that sent the ELFies right round the bendie.


Peter has a puckish humour.

There’s even a malicious rumour

That he has plans (just a rumour, of course)

to convert ELFs into Dwarves...

October, 2015

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Happy 60th Birthday and Many Happy Returns to ZSOLT!


November, 2012

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The DELP Yelpers


The DELP Yelpers - Rachel Appleby, Éva Major, Uwe Pohl, Judit Révész, Christopher Ryan, Dávid Veljanovszki - have been entertaining DELP and SEAS staff at students at various events since 2007. They also took part at the "Trefortissiomo" choir festival of the faculty in May 2015. Some pictures can be seen above, and some just below here:



The DELP Yelpers at the SEAS end-of-year event in June 2015




at the Trefortissimo festival in May 2015



and at some of our Xmas parties


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This is an event to help first year students in the different programmes get to know the School, the staff and one another.


At the Welcome to SEAS event in 2015:


After a poem recital by Professor Géza Kállay and a welcome speech by Institute Head János Kenyeres, all the SEAS departments were introduced briefly by their representatives. Student initiatives like the Take Five language practice meetings and the ELTE Debate Club were presented through short speeches and demonstrations. Finally, first year students were invited to the next DELP' Diversity Day on October 22nd and the DELP Yelpers sang two beautiful songs from their repertoire. The event was organized and hosted by Margit Szesztay from DELP.

Here are some photos of the event:










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