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DELP administers the following examinations in the BA programme:

The BA Language Exam ("Nyelvi Alapvizsga" - BBN-ANG1-001 and related codes):

BA  Language Examination  - Exam information

BA  Language Examination  - sample Use of English exam

BA  Language Examination  - sample Oral Exam tasks


Exams in Cultural Studies:

BBN ANG-273    Cultural Studies

BBN ANG-371    Specialization in English Speaking Cultures

BBN ANG-902, ANG-904    Final Exam



Standard Appeals Procedure:

a. Please note that our language exams are only offered once in each exam period which might mean that if you fail, you may have to extend your studies and have to pay extra depending on your programme.

b. Students have an opportunity to inspect their papers during the period advertised by the department when they can compare their answers with the key.

c. Relatives/friends/outside experts are allowed to accompany students to the inspection, but they cannot be present when the direct communication between the student concerned and faculty staff takes place.

d. If the candidate does not agree with the key, the student may decide to write an appeal to the head of the department, in which s/he describes the contested items.

e. Within three working days the head of the department sets up a committee consisting of himself/herself, the head of the testing team and one native speaker. This committee either rejects or accepts the appeal with a simple majority vote. This decision is final as far as the department is concerned. (Of course, the student can always decide to appeal to the Faculty Studies Committee / Kari Tanulmányi Bizottság.)







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